“The brand’s concept is to communicate messages to people, so they think for a moment, or use them as prompts for further conversation. The message might correspond to the product, or might be a pun and carry a dual meaning.”

EKO HIŠA & STIL magazine, November 2019

“I am certain that simply reading a line with deep meaning can lead us to new perspectives, trigger further thinking or upholds a conclusion that we also reached through experience.”


“They say that the world is not black and white. However, black and white is the main theme in graphic designer Nika Ferš’s work. If you put inspiring thoughts from books on practical items using these two colors, you get Quotelife. A successful story.”

KANAL A, SVET news show, May 2017

“Quotelife is mixture of everyday items. They can be recognized by their minimalist design and the black and white color combination, and all products carry a message.”


“We live in times of haste, so we have much less time looking for answers and inspiration in books, and for deep conversations. Quotes have become a quick fix often used to rehabilitate our heart.”

HOME magazine, March 2017

“The main principle is to facilitate communication and thinking. It is important that it makes people think.”

SIOL.NET, October 2016

“The Quotelife brand was born out of love for three things – quotes, typography and eternal search of minimalism. The designer uses typography to emphasize the messages she wants to spread.”


“How would you describe your design style?
As strongly minimalistic and closely interlaced with my way of thinking, living and style. This is probably related to awareness that enough can quickly turn into too much.”

ELLE, September 2016

“Quotelife – a new Slovenian brand that will beautify you home. The products have a mission: to create communication situations that open new ideas and in the future contribute to the common good.”

CITY MAGAZINE, August 2015
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