Moški rokovnik: Man’s gotta do



this is a weekly planner for you to finally get your shit together and achive your goals. We know you’ll never take it with you as you already have enough problems with your keys and wallet. Instead, let it relax on your table. It’s big enough to not get misplaced and a perfect size for your amount of goals. There’s no time like the present. We’d say have fun and good luck, but you’re a man, you always have fun and you make your own luck.


Tedenski planer aktivnosti

Ovitek: Mehki ovitek natisnjen na 350 g mat papir IMAGE DIGICOLOR z FSC in EU Eko certifikatom.

Notranjost: 85 strani, za vsak mesec 5 strani s tedensko razporeditvijo in 12 vmesnih strani z motivacijskim citatom.



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